Alleged Senior 'Hit List' Causes Farewell Assembly Cancellation

POSTED: 12:30 AM MDT May 23, 2012    UPDATED: 11:38 AM MDT May 23, 2012 
El PASO, Texas -

There's school-yard gossip and then, there's this: An alleged senior 'hit list' planned for Riverside high school's senior assembly, posted on Facebook.

That was the the hot topic at Riverside after school on Tuesday.

"As a matter of fact, I'm terrified," said one Riverside student. "I'm scared because what if I'm on (the hit list)."

News of the 'hit list' spread quickly to school administrators and Ysleta Independent School District Officials.

"When school administration heard of this we began investigating and have not found a list," said YISD spokeswoman Patricia Ayala. She said that while no school or district officials have ever seen the post, or been able to pin down a suspect, they took action. "Administration filed a police report and, in addition, they canceled (Riverside's) senior assembly."

"I think it's really unfair because the actions of a few are costing the senior class a farewell assembly." said Riverside senior Darsy Lozano. Lozano admitted she wants her fellow classmates and herself to stay safe, but had some questions regarding the claim. "I really don't know if they're rumors or if everything's true," said Lozano.

"We know (the assembly) is part of (senior) heritage... but right now, safety comes first," said Ayala.

The district's desire to exercise caution is all right with a student who said, "I think they're just doing it for our safety."

The district will try to hold a celebration for those seniors who will miss out on their final farewell, and according to Ayala, graduation is still on.