85 people sickened by norovirus at Las Cruces community village

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - About 85 people have been sickened by a norovirus outbreak at the Good Samaritan Society-Las Cruces Village.

The New Mexico Department of Health has been working with the village and says that those who got sick include staff and residents.

The department also says the number of new cases seems to be diminishing, calling the norovirus common.

"Over the weekend, Good Samaritan followed the Department's recommendation to not admit any new patients into the facility, which is a pretty common step during an outbreak like this.  They also followed the recommendation to cancel social activities," according to a department of health statement.

NMDOH is providing recommendations for prevention including:
New Mexico Department of Health and New Mexico Environment Department providing on-site consultative services
Isolation of ill residents from others
Minimizing flow of staff between sick and well residents
No activities where ill and well residents or patients would be together.
Excusing ill employees from work while ill and for minimum of 48-72 hours days after their GI symptoms resolve
Proper cleaning products and techniques including
Employees wearing appropriate personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks when caring for residents or patients who vomit or when cleaning contaminated surfaces or laundry
Cleaning areas contaminated with vomit or diarrhea immediately with appropriate disinfectant
Cleaning surfaces such as doorknobs and other high touch surfaces regularly with proper disinfectants
Disinfecting and sanitizing the kitchen and dining areas per NM Environment Department recommendations
Strict hand hygiene (washing with soap and water and not relying on alcohol-based hand sanitizers)

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