600 Sign Petition To Recall Socorro City Representative

SOCORRO, Texas - A recall organizer turned 600 signatures in to Socorro City Hall Tuesday afternoon - in an effort to recall Socorro City Representative Guillermo Madrid Jr.

Five hundred certified signatures are needed to force a recall.

Ralph Duran is leading the drive to oust all four Socorro City Council members from office. He said the city is spending money in the wrong areas and overpaying newly appointed city officials.

"We're overpaying for everything, and there are people, good people that were removed and replaced with, probably, friends of the council," said Duran.

But Madrid says the new officials are being paid more because they have more experience and education, which will help better serve the city.

"You have to have a reason for the recall, not just because council is spending money is a reason for a recall. The people put us here to spend the money and to spend it wisely to get the most out of that money and produce something," said Madrid.

Mayor Willie Gandara Sr., who has been indicted on federal corruption charges,

Socorro Mayor Willie Gandara Sr,. who has been indicted on federal corruption charges, said Socorro City Council must stop fighting and work together against bigger problems.

He faces a potential recall of his own on the May ballot.

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