600 El Paso State Farm Employees to Lose Jobs

'Consolidation' to be complete by 2014

Layoffs at State Farm Call Center

EL PASO, Texas - El Paso's State Farm call center is slated to cut 600 jobs by next year.

A spokeswoman for the company confirms the cutbacks are part of "consolidation" efforts by the national corporation.

"Throughout its 91-year history, State Farm has continually reviewed its business operations to ensure those operations are conducted in the right places to provide the best service possible to its customers," State Farm spokeswoman Patti Kelly wrote in a statement to ABC-7. "We carefully evaluated the type of work done in our El Paso facility and it was determined some job functions could be consolidated with similar work already underway at other company locations, located in Dallas and Phoenix."

Kelly said some employees will be given relocation offers to move to those other locations, but would not say how many.  She says the building located on Transmountain will remain open but will only house 50 workers.

ABC-7 broke the story Wednesday afternoon by working on a tip from an employee who said she overheard discussion of the cuts in a management meeting.  She said she did not believe workers knew of the impending cuts. 

The corporate downsizing is expected to be complete by 2014.

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