3 players off UTEP basketball team after allegedly betting on sporting events; no evidence of point shaving

University Doesn't Believe It Will Tarnish Program

EL PASO, Texas - UTEP Executive Vice President Richard Adauto announced Tuesday that three men's basketball players gambled on sporting events but said there was no evidence of point shaving.

The three players are McKenzie Moore, Jalen Ragland, and Justin Crosgile. All three are no longer on the team, nor enrolled at the university.

Adauto said the university received a tip last month that two players may have been betting on sports and immediately reported it to the local FBI office which began an investigation. The investigation then revealed that three were involved, Adauto said.

Moore and Ragland were suspended indefinitely from the team Dec. 28. Crosgile did not play against Angelo State on Saturday. Moore and Crosgile had previously been suspended for the Dec. 16 game against New Orleans due to disciplinary reasons.

Adauto said that gambling is a very serious NCAA rule infraction that results in a one year suspension and loss of eligibility. Because the players are upperclassmen, "their collegiate basketball careers are over, they are no longer enrolled at UTEP," Adauto said.

"I don't think you're going to find another case where the university reported to the FBI," Floyd said Tuesday afternoon. "We have worked tirelessly to bring the highest character people and we have... and I worry about the reflection on (other members of the team). I think it's unfortunate. I'm crushed, personally, that this has happened but I have to worry about the young people we have."

Adauto doesn't think the basketball program has been tarnished by the three players.

"Yeah, we took a hit on this one and it's unfortunate. But I think the program survives despite what these three did," Adauto said. He added what happened is not a reflection on the program. "It's a reflection on the people who did something stupid. Bob has done a great job of hiring people with character. I think we're fine. We'll get through this and we're fine."

The 10-5 miners open conference play Thursday at home against Charlotte, followed by a home game on Saturday against Marshall.

Without Moore, the Miners will have a hard time winning Conference USA or its post-season tournament, which will be at the Haskins Center this year.

If the Miners do not make the NCAA tournament, it will be the fourth consecutive year under Floyd that they've failed to do so.

Watch full UTEP news conference about the basketball team investigation at

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