EL PASO, Texas -

When the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and USC Trojans touch down in El Paso, the 79th annual Sun Bowl week begins. Sports fans can scope out the starting line-up at the international airport where many of the incoming players will get their first taste of the borderland.

USC has a 7-5 record and a 2-1 advantage over the 6-7 Yellow Jackets, but the winner won't matter to El Pasoans. For the past 5 years, King's-X Sports Bar has been shuttling bowl-goers to the game. But folks starting their Sun Bowl activities sooner than Dec. 31, will be at the Fan Fiesta tail-gating the night before at the Civic Center. For a no-hassle tailgate party the day-of, the Sun Bowl Sky Party will start pouring drinks around 8:30 Monday morning.

By the time the Sun Bowl starts, El Pasoans will be more than ready when east battles west in the borderland.  

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