2012 story: El Pasoans not threatened by end of world talk

El Pasoans not threatened by the end of the world

El Paso, Texas - For some time the Mayan calendar has been the talk of many around the world.

The calendar seems to end Dec. 12th on the 21 of 2012.

ABC-7 got to speak to Weldon Ian, who's a professor at Nmsu, and has studied Mayan hieroglyphics, and the Mayan calender.

"Basically they never said the world is going to end tomorrow," said Ian.

He tells us the Mayans didn't exactly have the time right.

"Time to them seems by their inscriptions, had no beginning really and probably by their inscriptions or lack of them, had no end," said Ian.

Even though the Mayan theory has been deemed unreliable, there's still those who believe and others who don't.

ABC-7 went to Abundant Living Faith center, a place of worship, to get their take on the end of the world.

Jared Nieman is an associate pastor and he tells ABC-7, "at Abundant Living Faith center I honestly haven't had very many interactions with people who are taking it all that serious."

The place of worship is preparing for a Christmas show that's sure to bring in large crowds.

"They're going along with business as usual and they're planning on being here next week," said Nieman.

At the other end of town, The Hoppy Munk bar is getting ready for a party.

General manger Andrew Brooks tells ABC-7 they're going to make the day special.

"We're going to have a once and final toast just in case the world does end," said Brooks.

They have a countdown clock and will be serving a "Le fin du monde beer."

He doesn't believe the world's going to end he says. It's a good time for reflection.

"I think it's more of a celebration than something to be scared of because it overlooks everything that humanity's done for the world and what we've accomplished," said Brooks.

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