2 men from El Paso, Juarez arrested in fatal traffic accident

Charges have been filed against an El Paso man and a Juarez man in connection to a chain reaction accident that led to a man's death, according to a report by KAKE-TV in Wichita, Kan.

According to the report, on March 20, the two men bought four bus in in Columbia, Missouri and were driving them to Mexico with each driving one and towing another.

One of the buses got a flat tire and the driver stopped on the Kansas Turnpike near mile marker 46 in southeast Wichita. According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, he then stopped and disconnected the homemade hitch then turned the other bus around, going the wrong direction, and parked it in front of the one that was disabled.

As the two buses were sitting in the roadway, a semi and another car approached. The driver of the semi was able to avoid the and the car behind the semi slowed down as well, but was rear-ended by a third vehicle and pushed into the rear axle of the semi. The driver of the car that hit the axle was pulled from the car but died later. He was identified as Donald E. Putman of Wichita.

The drivers of the buses were identified as 45-year-old Alfonso Cano-Corral of Juarez and 57-year-old Ubaldo Corea-Madrid of El Paso.

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