2 Jaxon's restaurants close permanently

EL PASO, Texas - The Jaxon's restaurants on Airway and on Remcon in West El Paso have both closed permanently, according to employees that told ABC-7 employees trying to eat at each restaurant Monday.

A reason for the closings was not immediately known and ABC-7 has a crew trying to find out the reason why.

As of Thursday, Jaxon's was still emailing out advertisements about specials to customers on their email list.

The Jaxon's location on North Mesa closed in mid-2011 after the Jaxon's Restaurant and Brewing Company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The owners told El Paso Inc. in 2011 that the closing of the North Mesa location had nothing to do with the bankruptcy and that they did plan on keeping the other two restaurants open as they re-structure.

El Paso Inc. reported last year that Jaxon's liabilities totaled almost $1.5 million.

According to Jaxon's website, Jaxon's Restaurants & Brewing Co. was established in 1973.

"Jaxon's specialties include signature homemade Potato Green Chili and Tortilla soups, Santa Barbara Beef, a specially seasoned grilled sirloin served sliced with Jaxon's own barbeque sauce; unique appetizers, fresh salads, gourmet hamburgers, hand-cut steaks, and much more!" the company's website states. "Jaxon's "King" Margaritas and signature cocktails are acclaimed as the best in the region. Jaxon's Brewery, the fourth oldest brew pub in the state of Texas, pours a variety of award-winning handcrafted ales and lagers."

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