2 human heads found in cooler outside Televisa TV station in Guadalajara

GUADALAJARA, MX - A horrific discovery Tuesday night outside a Televisa TV station  in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Workers at the station found a cooler outside with two human heads inside. 

A note left on top of the cooler threatened several people including a state judge in Guadalajara. 

The note was signed with the letters C.J.N.G. at the bottom.

The letters identify it as being from the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion, considered one of the most violent cartels currently operating in Mexico according to U.S authorities. 

As of Wednesday morning, Jalisco state police along with Mexican Federal investigators had not identified the victims.   

A  Televisa vice president was recently shot a killed by robbers as he drove along a highway in the state of Mexico.  

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