2 good friends at El Paso retirement center have relatives in World Series

World Series Grandmas

EL PASO, Texas - Family pride is on the line between two good friends at an El Paso retirement center.

Helen Wainwright is a relative of St. Louis pitcher Adam Wainwright and Lola McDonald is the grandmother of Boston pitcher John Lackey.

"Well, they have that green wall (Green Monster) there. It's going to be a devil to get over that green wall. But I bet St. Louis will win it – one to nothing," said Helen Wainwright, giving her prediction a few hours before Game 1. Adam Wainwright lost Game 1 Wednesday 8-1.

John Lackey takes the mound for the Red Sox Thursday in Game 2.

"We are not going to watch it together," McDonald said about the World Series games. "I'm probably going to watch it locked up in my room."

McDonald said her grandson is living his dream.

"He wanted to be a ball player all his life," McDonald said. "How many people get to do what they wanted to do from right out of the womb? He wanted to play ball. He worked hard."

Both women are proud of their relatives but are really good friends despite what's at stake for their loved ones.

"We'll greet each other and shake hands and wish each other a win," Helen Wainwright said.

"I want him to win of course but I'm not going to go to battle with my friend," McDonald said, laughing and smiling.

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