1st Armored Division to conduct military exercises north of El Paso and near Timberon, NM

EL PASO, Texas - U.S. Army officials with the 1st Armored Division are telling the public that there will be military exercises north of Loop 375.

"Please be advised that 1st Armored Division will be condcuting extensive field maneuver exercises in the Fort Bliss training areas north of Highway 375," 1st Armored Division said in a Facebook post late Friday afternoon. "Residents of northern El Paso and Timberon, N.M. should expect a large military presence in the area and can expect loud noises, aerial lights and peridoic explosions during the day and night - all of these are controlled and part of the designed exercise to simulate battlefield conditions."

The post also stated that commuters traveling on Highway 54 should expect military convoys and possible traffic delays.

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