$1 million Powerball ticket sold in West El Paso

A man somewhere in El Paso is sitting on a lotto ticket worth a million bucks.


EL PASO, Texas - A man somewhere in El Paso is sitting on a lotto ticket worth a million bucks. The ticket was sold at the Valero convenience store in West El Paso Saturday night and it's still unclaimed.

The Powerball pot is huge, sitting pretty at $425 million. But it doesn't end there. The store along with the store employees who sell the ticket get a percentage of the winnings too. They tell ABC-7 they can't wait to start spending.

"I'm so happy because a person won a million dollars and I think I was the one that sold the winning ticket because I was here all day,"  said cashier Jesse Almance.

Corner Store clerks Almance and Adrian Blanco both tell me they sold the winning Powerball ticket.

"He bought a Powerball and we don't know if they were quickpicks or he picked the numbers out," Blanco said. 

They aren't allowed to release too much information about the winner, but we know it's a man who came in the store around 6 Saturday evening.

"It's a very good experience to know that the person won with a ticket I sold him," Almance said. 

A very good experience indeed. Along with the store, these men will get a small percentage of the million just for working the right shift. Just one percent of the winnings will grant these guys $10,000. And they already have big plans for the money.

"Pay bills or just go shopping and Christmas is coming,"Blanco said.

"I don't know," Almance said. "Maybe buy a laptop and fix my car."

This brush with lady luck has inspired the guys to do some "Powerballing" of their own.

"Actually I don't play but I think I'm going start because it's a good deal," Almance said. 

"I'm going to buy a ticket every time I get paid," Blanco said. 

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