Santa Teresa residents find two dogs and a goat shot near golf course

Santa Teresa residents find two dogs and a goat shot

EL PASO, texas - Residents from the Santa Teresa find two dead dogs and a dead goat in their neighborhood.

They say they were shot near the Santa Teresa golf course.

Residents of Santa Teresa told ABC-7 they've been concerned about their neighborhood deteriorating since 2012.

That's when the country club went up for auction to cover more than $600,000 in back taxes.

"It was gorgeous, it was green, everything was good. Security was good," said a 24-year resident who didn't want to be identified for fear of retaliation. She said the Santa Teresa area has gone from bad to worse.

The Santa Teresa Country Club opened in the mid-'70's, but the property started seeing financial issues in October of 2012.

Residents had started complaining about poor road conditions, faulty sreet lights and a dilapidated golf course that once was a flourishing part of their community.

But after finding two dogs and a goat shot on the property, they were taken aback.

"It was devastating, who kills three dogs and leaves them out there to die? No, that's not right," said the resident.

They say it's proof that property management is not taking care of the area.

"We are starting to see, first of all the dead dogs that were out there, that was very sad; a lot of trash; we hear gunshots. Its scary," said the resident.

Residents say they feel a growing desperation because they haven't been able to contact property management.

The property went up for auction to cover back taxes owed but no one even placed a bid.

Residents say they are trying to put together a neighborhood assocation to work with property management but they say it's proven difficult.

"I would love for it to be like it used to be, green and beautiful, the roads taken care of, the lights, security, that's what I would love to see," said the resident.

ABC-7 tried to reach the country club management but they were not available at the time.

The woman ABC-7 spoke with on the phone said she knew nothing about dogs being shot on the property.



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