Man arrested after threatening off duty officer at an East El Paso Kmart

EL PASO, TEXAS - A man was arrested after he threatened to shoot an off duty El Paso Police Officer.

The incident began on January 19, 2013 at around 4:30p.m. outside of a Kmart store located in east El Paso. The officer, who was with his family, was exiting the Kmart when he was approached by a man, later identified as 41 year old Lorenzo Barron, who asked for money. Barron was asking for $100 for his child whom he claimed was sick with cancer. When the officer refused to give him the money Barron became upset and told the officer that he was going to his car to get a .45 caliber pistol and was going to "pop" him. As Barron ran into the parking lot the officer, fearing for his safety, also retrieved his service weapon. Barron was not apprehended at that time.

About thirty minutes later officers responded to the same Kmart in regards to a theft. In this case, an employee observed Barron pick out several items inside of the store which included a RAZOR Scooter and a pair of boots. Barron then walked out of the store with the items and failed to pay for them. Barron was able to flee the scene before store employees or officers could apprehend him. 

A police supervisor responded to the 1800 block of Jerry Abbott to conduct surveillance on the home in hopes of catching the man responsible for the Terroristic Threat and Theft. While watching the residence, the supervisor observed Barron's vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed towards the residence and ultimately stop in front of the home. The supervisor approached the vehicle and arrested Barron as he exited the vehicle. Barron appeared intoxicated and a DWI Investigation was also initiated.  

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