Family members mourn woman who died in overnight wreck

Family members mourn woman who died in overnight wreck

EL PASO, Texas - A violent head-on collision killed a Fort Bliss soldier and a 30-year-old woman.

Police say the woman was driving the wrong way on Interstate 10  west near the McRae overpass on the freeway.

The name of the soldier hasn't been released.

The woman who died in the wreck is Nora Padilla.

Family members told ABC-7 they're heartbroken right now.

They said Padilla celebrated her 30th birthday just weeks ago.

 "In the morning my aunt gave me a phone call. It was one of the worst phone calls I've received," said Nora Padilla's cousin, Veronica Padilla.

She told ABC-7 she wasn't prepared to hear what her aunt was about to tell her. She was told her Padilla was involved was in a crash, a crash that killed her and a soldier.

 "I was with her when she took her first steps. My mom would take care of her when she was a baby," said Veronica.

 The video from the wreck shows Nora Padilla's car mangled and a motorcycle in pieces scattered along the freeway.

For the family, finding out Nora Padilla was driving on the wrong side of the freeway is just baffling.

 "I'm just like how?  I don't understand. I'm thinking how, what happened,  I don't know." said Veronica.

Veronica told ABC-7 that Nora Padilla had an outgoing personality.

"Always with a smile on her face.  If you wanted to feel happy you'd go and call Nora and just start laughing with her," said Veronica.

 Friends of Nora said she was a writer for a local magazine.

 Veronica told ABC-7 Nora was looking to help those in troubled times.

"She would help people out, her job was working with adolescents in trouble and from what I know her job was everything to her," said Veronica.

Veronica told ABC-7 it's a tragic situation for everyone involved, but it's hard for her to believe that Nora, who'd brought so much life, lost hers.

"I want people to know that Nora was giving, always a smile on her face anything you needed Nora was there for you and like I said, she could make a gloomy day bright," she said.

Police have not said what lead Nora to start heading the wrong way on I-10.

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