Construction on Pedestrian Pathways


El Paso,Tx-Getting from the Union Plaza Entertainment District to the Arts District Downtown will soon get a lot easier.
 It's all thanks to new pedestrian pathways that will connect the two. Officials today broke ground on the 6-million-dollar quality of life project.
 The corridor will include shade structures, landscaping and places to sit and gather.
 City Rep. Cortney Niland stated "It's aimed at encouraging individuals to come down and enjoy these sorts of amenities. it's also aimed at helping to invest and support the businesses that have come down to the Entertainment District -- these great restaurants, these great club and entertainment venues -- that are here, and connect them to rest of Downtown. Officials say the new pedestrian pathway will cut down a 20-minute walk to just 5 minutes.
 This first phase is expected to be completed next April. Pedestrian pathways on main street and in the arts festival plaza will follow.

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