Whitney Burbank

Whitney Burbank

Whitney Burbank joined the ABC-7 news team in July 2011.

She began her career in news as an intern at the Fox Business Network
in New York City her sophomore year in college.

Whitney also worked with FOX-25 News in her hometown of Boston, where
she worked closely with FOX Undercover, and put her skills as a
journalist to the test. She spent her time there hounding crooked
officials and uncovering scams. She went undercover to expose a local
doctor who was illegally dispensing medications to his patients in
exchange for sexual favors.

As a graduate of the Boston University School of Communications,
Whitney majored in broadcast journalism and minored in political
science. During her time at BU, Whitney was a three-year reporter for
the student-run political debate show, "On That Point," which is
featured on the Telly Award-winning student television station

Before graduating, Whitney produced an in-depth look at chronic
traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a form of progressive dementia found
in athletes, for BUTV10.

Whitney is a New England native. While she says she’s loving the heat
in El Paso, she does miss the beautiful beaches and her friends and
family back East.

As an avid concert attendee- and self-proclaimed music lover of all
kinds, Whitney is always looking for great new bands and up-coming

Whitney says she wants your feedback! Have a killer story idea? Send
her an email at whitneyb@kvia.com.

Facebook: Whitney Burbank
Twitter: whitneybABC7

Latest Stories

  • EPISD lobbyist: Bill to aid students affected in district cheating scandal serves no purpose

    When the Texas House Public Education committee considered a bill that would recover and educate students affected by El Paso Independent School District cheating scandal on Tuesday, members had already been informed the bill served no purpose by a lobbyist for EPISD, according to state Rep. Marisa Márquez. Authored by state Sen. José Rodríguez and Márquez, Senate Bill 119 would require EPISD to help graduate the students who were forced out in a scheme orchestrated by former superintendent Dr. Lorenzo Garcia, to inflate standardized test results within the district. In an email Márquez wrote, "A few hours before the Public Education hearing yesterday, I was informed that David Anderson of Hillco Partners sent out an email to the committee expressing that there was no need for SB 119, which creates a special student recovery program...Anderson's argument was based on his knowledge of the Alpha Program, that aims to do the same thing that the bill does." Márquez said she personally called lobbyist David Anderson to ask why she did not receive an email regarding the bill she helped author. Within a few hours, Marquez said, she was notified that EPISD would not oppose the bill. President of the newly sworn in EPISD Board of Managers, former state Rep. Dee Margo, said Anderson's stance on SB 119 was the recommendation of the previous school board. "My position is (SB 119) enhances El Paso School District's Alpha Initiative, which helps dropouts return to school," insisted Margo over the phone, "It's my impression the old board thought it was redundant." EPISD spokeswoman Reneé de Santos sent a statement on behalf of the district, "EPISD welcomes the assistance of our Legislative Delegation in helping us move forward. We are pleased this legislation reinforces the district's efforts already in place through the Alpha Initiative." The mission of the Alpha Initiative is to recover all students who have left school for any reason and wish to return, including students who may have been pushed out of school during the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 school years at every high school in the district, according to the EPISD website. The Alpha Team began working specifically with former Bowie High students last summer. In the same EPISD statement, Interim Superintendent Vernon Butler applauds the work of the Alpha Initiative, "The District's Alpha Team has worked tirelessly since last summer to reach out to former students who left Bowie High School and other District high schools to ensure that each and every one of them knows what options and opportunities they have to complete their education if they have not done so already. The specific wording of the legislation does not accurately reflect the incredible amount of work that this group has done to recover former students." According to Márquez her office and the office of Sen. Rodríguez have contacted the Alpha Initiative program director multiple times to obtain solid data about how many students were given educational services through the Alpha Initiative. She said, "To this date, he has not provided that information." ABC-7's phone calls to Anderson have yet to be returned.

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  • Battle for the birds

    El Paso Water Improvement District No. 1 began removing charred brush after a fire broke out in the Upper Valley, but environmental activists say EPCIWD1 is destroying the area's ecosystem and violating an international agreement. 

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  • Dona Ana County observes 'Spring Holiday' on Good Friday

    Easter weekend is fast approaching and a lot of people are looking forward to a vacation day at the end of the week for Good Friday, but for the Dona Ana County employees who don't work Friday, it's called their "Spring Holiday." "Spring Holiday" isn't a traditional name, but  Dona Ana County Spokesman Jess Williams said the it's not the first year the county has used it. Even though the March 29 vacation day falls right before Easter weekend, Williams said there's no connection to the holiday. According to Williams, it's simply an opportunity for county employees to spend time with their families. Intentional or not, Stephanie Wright said the name change is a good choice. "I'm an educator so I have a lot of different students from a lot of different faiths, and I think that it should be spring holiday so that its not exclusive," said Wright.   Historically Easter is a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Traditionalists like Randy Slaughter say it's important to maintain those ties. "If it was Spring Holiday it'd be the spring bunny," laughed Slaughter. "It wouldn't be the same. It should stay Easter." People such as Sandra Wonder are just happy to get vacation time with family and friends, "It doesn't matter," said Wonder. "People are going to celebrate what they're going to celebrate." The El Paso Independent School district also refers to the March 29 vacation day as Spring Holiday. According to the El Paso County website, county employees will observe Good Friday on March 29.

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  • Found grenade disrupts El Paso neighborhood, brings some levity to grieving family

    Matthew Ybarra said he went out looking for rattle snakes in Northeast El Paso and instead he came home with a live grenade. 16-year-old Ybarra and a friend found what appeared to be a military-style grenade with a pin still in it near the Painted Dunes Desert Golf Course on Monday. Ybarra said he decided to carry the grenade back to his home in Northeast El Paso because he, "thought it was cool and it was empty inside." Ybarra stored the grenade in his bedroom overnight underneath his salt-water fish tank. Ybarra said his brother-in-law discovered the grenade in his bedroom and told him to get rid of it, and a friend of his brother-in-law called police. Ybarra's uncle, Eddie Soto said the a bomb squad shut down the neighborhood for an hour and a half while they removed the grenade from where Ybarra's brother placed it, in the center of the Loma Portal Place cul-de-sac. 

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