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Dog illness identified by intern


Dog's mystery illness solved by intern

Man's best friend gets a second chance at life; thanks to an intern.

Dog high on meth


Dog tests positive for meth, heroin

A dog picked up during an arrest in California has tested positive for methamphetamine and heroin, authorities said.

Georgia Tech helping dogs to talk


If dogs could talk, here's what they'd say

If dogs could talk, Melody Jackson knows what they would say. Or at least, what she'd like them to say.

Psycho shower scene

Universal Pictures

Cat terrified while watching ‘Psycho’

A scaredy cat was caught on video watching "Psycho" wide-eyed and terrified.


Kym Parry/Getty Images

Housebroken bison sold on Craigslist, finds new home

"TAME/HOUSEBROKEN BUFFALO COW," the Craigslist ad read.

whale shark

Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images

Outrage over whale shark's death in China

Police in southwest China have arrested two men after the killing of a whale shark unleashed widespread outrage online.

The pair, surnamed Liao and Huang, will be charged with hunting an endangered…


Guinness World Records via CNN

World's Oldest Cat usurped by even older cat

Gaze into the eyes of Scooter, the new World's Oldest Living Cat.


@EmbassyCat/Twitter via CNN

Julian Assange gets a kitten for company

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has a new furry companion to help him pass the time in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he's been holed up for nearly four years.

Service dog yearbook photo

Good Hope Middle School

A boy and his service dog: yearbook besties

Presley the service dog is always at her owner's side, which is why she earned a spot alongside him in his middle-school yearbook.


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