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Cupcake rescued


Dramatic horse rescue documented on Twitter sparks big reaction

The Technical Rescue Team with Colorado South Metro Fire Rescue is all too familiar with saving people in unusual situations.

Albino python

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Girl swims with large python

A 8-year-old girl is seen swimming with a large Burmese python owned as a family pet in a YouTube video that has gone viral.

Closeup of cat blurb

iStock / tzooka

50 cats seized from feces-filled home

Authorities seized 50 cats from a Florida home filled with feces and garbage Sunday.



Florida man fighting to keep pizza-loving alligator

A Florida man is fighting to keep his pet alligator, Gwendolyn, whom he has owned for 47 years.

Chicago cats fight rats


Cats, the ultimate weapon in public health

Nevin McCown knows he works a job most guys would envy, so as head brewer at Empirical Brewing, he never minded staying late to close up shop -- with one exception.

Man takes dog on road trip

Robert Kugler via CNN

Man gives his dying dog a trip of a lifetime

It was the worst possible news you could get about your best buddy.

Bone cancer, so a leg is amputated. But it gets worse. The cancer's spread to the lungs. Now it's a terminal condition.

So what do…


Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

David Cameron: Farewell my feline friend

As David Cameron's last day as British Prime Minister rolls to an end, it's understandable that things got a little bit sentimental.

Young German shepherd


Officer rappels 100 foot down ravine to rescue puppy

Take one scared, whimpering puppy and one heroic animal control officer; add in a daring rescue with a happy ending -- and you have all the elements for an aww-inducing story.



Baseball team invites fans to bring cats to game

A New Jersey minor league baseball team opened its stadium to cats, inviting fans to bring their furry friends to a CATurday game.

beagle, dog, closeup


How dogs sniff out diabetes on your breath

Imagine if your dog could sense when you're about to pass out -- and do so in enough time to stop it.


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