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Cormorant Minnesota Mayor Duke


Duke, a dog, wins third term as mayor

Nine-year-old Duke, a Great Pyrenees, handily won another one-year term as mayor of the small northwestern Minnesota town of Cormorant, Detroit Lakes Online reports.

Cat attacks pitbull

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Cat sees pack of pit bulls and protects home

Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

Western Pennsylvania Humane Society

Four-eared cat adopted

'Batman,' born with four ears due to a genetic condition, is adopted from the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society.


John Nyberg/

Study: Female cats more attuned to kittens than males

A new study shows that female cats respond differently to their kittens than male cats.

Unlucky pets dachshunds

Scott Barbour/Getty Images

British study finds unluckiest pet names

A study by Co-op Insurance found the five unluckiest names for cats and dogs.

The study, reported by Mirror in the U.K., says a dog named Charlie and a cat named Oscar cost owners hundreds in…


Flight attendant adopts stray dog half a world away

A German flight attendant had her life veer into a Disney movie territory when she adopted a stray dog from the streets of Buenos Aires.

Dog's nose closeup

Magda S/

Man adopts stray dog that shadows him for 155 miles

A stray dog that joined Scottish man Dion Leonard at the starting line of a 155-mile ultramarathon across the Gobi Desert goes from running companion to pet.


Woman allows car to be destroyed to rescue kitten

A kitten was saved by chainsaw-wielding mechanics after it had crawled into a woman's car dashboard and wouldn't come out.

Dog's nose closeup

Magda S/

Family dog detects cancer in toddler

A dog in England sniffed out that its owner's daughter has an aggressive form of cancer.

Pinky the Flamingo

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay via CNN

Pinky the flamingo dies after attack

Pinky, a flamenco-dancing flamingo and animal ambassador at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, died Tuesday after being attacked by a park guest, authorities said.


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