Time running out to ship Christmas gifts on time

Last minute shopping

EL PASO, Texas - Christmas is just around the corner and last minute gifters are running out of time. Shipping deadlines for gifts to be delivered before Christmas are Friday for the Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS, so gifters hoping to ship their Christmas gifts to loved ones out of town need to hurry.

Amazon Prime is offering two day delivery for some products ordered on Friday. If you’re ordering something online, make sure it says it will be delivered before Christmas.

If online ordering isn’t an option you can still buy gifts in person and ship them yourself, as long as you send it before the company pickup times. For those who need to ship but won’t make the deadlines your gifts will still be sent, they just won’t make it in time for Christmas.

“Three day the cut-off was Monday, two day was Wednesday, and next day is today for Saturday delivery,” said UPS Store employee Roberto Arellano.

“Anything that gets shipped after five is gonna get there next week. If you drop it off tomorrow it will be delivered next week.”

These are the latest shipping deadlines for gifts to be delivered before Christmas using overnight shipping and Saturday delivery, something not available in all cities.

USPS-5:30 pm
FedEx-6:30 pm
UPS-5:00 pm

These were the latest deadlines our team could find, but they are all dependent on your closest post office or shipping store schedule.