Springfoot Marathon: Practice mindful nutrition while training for a long run

Springfoot Marathon, Half Marathon & 5k is Feb. 19

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EL PASO, Texas - As many El Pasoans down more than their share of holiday treats, those training for a long run are starting to taste-test which types of foods are contributing to a good performance on the course.

The Springfoot Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K is in nine weeks. Good Morning El Paso anchor Stephanie Valle is participating in the half marathon. ABC-7 is spending the following weeks following her progress and finding out what is necessary to succeed in the race, and sharing what she learns.

This week, the focus is on nutrition.

"Most marathoners will train physically, but they neglect the nutritional aspect of it," certified sports nutrition consultant Tracy Chenault told ABC-7.

Chenault suggests eating sports nutrition products like Honey Stinger Waffles before a run and energy gels consumed with water during the run. She said the products are packed with carbohydrates to give runners energy as the minutes on the course turn to hours.

The products can be found at marathon sponsor Up and Running, 3233 N. Mesa Street.

The certified trainer said with eight weeks remaining before the marathon, this is the time to sample which energy foods work best with your body.

"You don't want to go into a marathon cold -- you know, just throwing something in, 'Let me grab some of these, they look good,' and take it out on the course, because that's a recipe for disaster with a stomach upset," Chenault said.

The morning of a run, Chenault suggested loading up on healthy carbs such as oatmeal with cranberries or raisins and honey, bagels with cream cheese and jam. And for the night before, she suggested pasta or a baked potato.

Chenault said it's simply about practicing mindfulness.

"If you're putting the effort into the training, you also need to pair that with adequate nutrition because of the demands of running on the body," she said.

The Springfoot Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K is on Feb. 19. Click here to learn more.

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