Potter-inspired lingerie: Bewitching or potential childhood destroyer?

A new lingerie line has disappointed some Harry Potter fans, with some questioning whether its appropriate to model outfits after characters marketed to children.

Yandy, an online lingerie brand, has released new Harry Potter-inspired outfits.

It comes complete with a silver crop top, Gryffindor-themed, red-and-gold-striped suspenders and a matching tie that hangs from a white collar. The outfit is complete with crimson, high-waisted panties. The company also sells a Potter-esque broom.

Teen Vogue reports Yandy announced the launch of the new lingerie line in honor of Harry's 37th birthday on Monday, July 31st.

Mary Anderson, a writer for Revelist, wrote, "Hogwarts-inspired lingerie just feels odd. Maybe if the characters were actually adults it wouldn't seem so awkward?"


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