Woman says Animal Services adopted her dog out to another family

Woman says Animal Services adopted...

EL PASO, Texas - An El Paso woman wants her lost dog back after El Paso Animal Services allowed it to be adopted by another family last week, even after she says she informed them it was her dog and she would return later in the week to pay the impound fees.

Hannah Manriquez told ABC-7 the 10 year-old female dachshund was her Dad's, before he died four years ago. And because of that, she says the dog named "Happy" is a
reminder of happier times for her and her family, who'd do anything to get their dog back.

"I confirmed with (Animal Services) they had her," Manriquez told ABC-7. "She gave me the run down on everything it was going to cost me, 130-something dollars. Unfortunately at the time, I didn't have the funds. I let them know, fine, Friday I'll be there."

Three days later, Manriquez returned to Animal Services with $200, but her dachshund "Happy" was gone.

"After like five minutes of everybody huddling at the computer, she finally comes back and she's like, 'All I can let you know is your dog is no longer here.' I said, 'What do you mean? I've been calling every day to check the status and make sure you guys don't give her away.'"

Animal Services told ABC-7 they hold pets with a collar, tag or a microchip for six days, but pets without a collar, tag or microchip, the allotted minimum hold is three days. In this case, Animal Services says the dog came in without a collar, tag or microchip. Manriquez admitted "Happy" was not microchipped or tagged, but said she did have a collar.

She said she later found out animal services had waved fees for dogs lost over the Fourth of July holiday. The Fourth of July weekend is always a busy time at Animal Services. ABC-7 spotted a full parking lot and long line inside on Monday afternoon.

"We've been missing our dog since the Fourth," said El Pasoan Hillary Marquez, whose is looking for a lost husky. "The other day we came and it was a really long line."

"They said that 500 pets just came in within the last couple of days," said El Pasoan Chris Rodriquez, who was looking for two lost bull terriers. "The dog just barely left like a day ago and it's already up for adoption so I'm here before its gone."

Manriquez said Animal Services called the new owners, but she has yet to hear back from them.

"I just want the family to know, there was no intention of leaving my dog there," Manriquez said. "I want my dog back. That was my Dad's dog. It's our love. That's part of our family and I just hope that she's being taken care of right now."

Manriquez said she has yet to hear back from Animal Services. Animal Services declined an on-camera interview Monday, but sent ABC-7 a statement saying they're still researching what happened with Manriquez's dog and reminding pet owners to vaccinate, microchip and license their animals. They added they hold a lost-cost clinic weekly where it can all be done for $24.

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