Jarhead, dog rescued after its head got stuck in jar, up for adoption

A dog named Jarhead

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico - Jarhead, the stray dog spotted roaming in Vado with a jar stuck to its head, has been rescued and is up for adoption.

ABC-7 has learned the dog, and its stray partner Roy, are with Animal Haven Las Cruces, which will take care of the dogs until they can find a permanent home for the dogs.

"Well, we're just going to show them as much love so they can know that people can be trusted," said Sean Brown, with the shelter. 

Earlier this week, dozens of volunteers came together in an effort to find Jarhead, who appeared to be weak and on the verge of death. The dog was wandering restlessly around the desert, with his head stuck in a plastic container -- hence its name. Volunteers had trouble corralling the dog, who would run away as soon as it was approached.

Vado is an unincorporated community in Southern New Mexico. 

Thursday, volunteers were able to lure and capture Roy by placing food in the desert. It wasn't long before Jarhead surfaced and volunteers made sure they didn't let him get away. 

"There was no expectation of finding this dog," said Frank Bryce, president of the Southern New Mexico Humane Society. Bryce said Jarhead's odyssey will "end when get get him adopted."

Animal Haven is at 3027 N. Valley Dr. If you are interested in adopting Jarhead or Roy, call 575-523-0034.