Fighting hunger for pets

Pet Hunger Drive

El Paso, TX - People are not the only ones in need of food this holiday season, many animal shelters rely on donations in order to adequately care for hundreds of pets. That's why El Pasoans Fighting Hunger started their food drive for hungry pets.

“If we don’t get food donations for the the pets we have to buy it, then we can’t pay the vets to get them fixed, you know to get them their shots, spay and neutering is real expensive as well” says John Corral, kennel manager at Pet Guardian Angel.

Every Thursday, El Pasoans Fighting Hunger donates between 1,000 and 1,200 pounds of food to local animal shelters, including Pet Guardian Angel and the Animal Rescue league.Donations mostly come from returns to pet and food stores that cannot be re-sold.

"That’s a lot of poundage that used to go to the dump, that now goes to a hungry animal and helps.... some of the cost for these two shelters.", says Victor Nevarez, chief executive officer of El Pasoans Fighting Hunger.

If you wish to donate to El Pasoans Fighting Hunger, click here.