Dogs displaced after Hurricane Harvey still looking for homes in El Paso

Harvey Animals

It has been more than two months since Hurricane Harvey hit Houston and some dogs displaced in the wake of the storm are still looking for a loving home. 

Loretta Hyde, kennel manager of the Animal Rescue League of El Paso, said she visited the NRG Arena in Houston just last week. 

"If you see their faces, it's like you can't just leave them there," Hyde said.

At one point the arena was housing thousands of displaced animals. Hyde said there are about 200 dogs left. 

"They said we have the heart worm, we have some that are not good with other dogs but they'd be great with people," Hyde said. "So I said pick out the 10 you think that we could help the most and that's what we got."

She rescued 10 dogs. That's a total of 20 dogs from Houston still looking for homes, being housed at the El Paso non-profit.

Hyde said the stories behind the dogs are unknown. 

"They were just brought in as being left behind, or swimming in the water," she said. 

She said its possible some of the animals were family pets. 

"Whether these people didn't have the resources to go back and claim them, or have any place to house them if they were claimed, they would just leave their pets. Hoping they would be re-homed and placed in a better situation," Hyde said. 

If you'd like to adopt, or want information on the animals click here:

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