Couple travels from Mississippi to adopt an El Paso pooch

Couple travels from Mississippi to...

EL PASO, Texas - A Mississippi couple traveled more than 1,000 miles to give a dog from the El Paso Humane Society a forever home.

Ryan Coulehan is a volunteer and community outreach coordinator at the El Paso Humane Society. She said the 4-year-old cockapoo was brought in as a stray from a shelter.

Soon after a photo of the cream-colored canine was posted online, people called to inquire about adopting Elwood.
"We got a voicemail from someone in Mississippi who wanted a dog, and wanted to Skype with him,” Coulehan said. “We both kind of paused and through it was a little bit silly, but the more we thought about it the more magical it seemed."

The “someone from Mississippi” was Yuval Royz. He, along with his girlfriend Angel Lott, wanted to give a dog from a shelter a chance at a new life. They said they searched local shelters in Mississippi, and then continued their search online. That’s when the stumbled on Elwood’s picture.

"We had been looking for about six months,” said Lott. “Looking around every day, everywhere we went, everything we saw just didn't match up right.”

Royz and Lott made several video calls to the El Paso Humane Society, and exchanged texts and photos. They knew their search for a furry friend was through, and they decided to make the trek to El Paso.

"He's a little bit of a lap dog, but still has energy to throw a ball, or throw a Frisbee,” Lott said, her face gleaming with joy.

Elwood is a mild-mannered dog, but also a ham. He’s quick to roll on his back for a belly rub whenever anyone approaches. He has puppy looks, but knows when to act like a grown dog.  

“We don't' have to go through the puppy training. We just get the good years,” giggled Lott. ”Good vibes all around. We love him."

Soon Elwood will be in a new home, in a new city. Even his name will change.

"By the time our 18 hours is up and we're home we will decide on what, what we want to name him,” said Lott




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