Parking at Utep could get complicated with new development

New information about development in Utep parking lot

EL PASO, Texas -      Getting to a Utep game is one thing, but what about parking once you get there? It's not a small concern, but a lot near the Don Haskins Center was supposed to become something more.

     The lot was previously the Rudolph Chevrolet Dealership, and is now used as student and special event parking. A project was supposed to turn the now empty lot into a smart code apartment complex. ABC 7 has learned the project never got off the ground.

     According to Utep officials, the project, which was supposed to take two years for construction, never broke ground and Utep didn't make any  payments to developer Thunderbird Partners. A renewed project isn't expected to go out to bid anytime soon.

     Whatever is considered for the lot, parking could play a major role. The lot was packed earlier this week for the quarter-final WNIT game, and was filled up quickly for Wednesday's sold out semi-final gate at the Don.

     Some Utep studens said they think people might not show up to future games if they can't park in the nearby lot, however. They said they'd also have a hard time parking during regular class days.

     "I'm going to have to find parking somewhere else, but it's kind of hard, since I get here kind of late," said one Utep student.

     Since the lot is still zoned as smart code by the city, future developments will have to include mixed-use areas and be walkable, and could still have a parking focus included in the design.

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