UMC Foundation promotes child car seat safety

United Medical Center Car Seats

El Paso, TX - The University Medical Center Foundation is starting a new child car seat safety program to benefit El Paso families.

The foundation made the announcement during a news conference on Wednesday.

Certified technicians will evaluate family car seats to determine if they are safe. They make sure the seat is not expired, hasn't been recalled, and that is the proper size for the child.

If the car seat does not meet safety standards, or you do not have one, one will be provided.

"It's a completely open, judgment free zone and we want people to come and get help," said Carolyn Williams, the volunteer manager for the foundation. "We're not there to judge or anything. We're there to educate and provide car seats if needed."

Williams cited national statistics that find that three out of four car seats are installed improperly. "So even if you think you're doing it right, you might want to come in and make sure," she added.

Program organizers want to stress that if a child is properly restrained, it can save their life if they are ever in an accident.

If you want to get your car seat checked or simply are in need of one, call 915-521-7229 EXT. 80528.