STAND WITH ESTELA: Rio Grande Cancer Foundation

Stand With Estela PKG

     Casas says that through her journey, she's learned that cancer puts stress on the entire family. "It can consume your time and your spirit. That's why I wanted these families to spend time making memories.
    Casas says she's learning that chemo sessions are long, but she used this time to catch up with Patty Tiscareno, the Executive Director of the Rio Grande Cancer Foundation. Albertsons gifted them $50k through the
Stand with Estela fund so we talked about how your donations are already making a difference.
  A few hours into her third round of chemo, Estela thought it was a good time to get an update on how Borderland women are benefiting from the Stand with Estela fund. Afterall, she's hooked up to an IV for six hours!
    The Rio Grande Cancer Foundation provides wigs, scarves, bras for mastectomy patients and prosthetics and other items that may not be covered by insurance. Tiscareno says the program is called Four Seasons. Tiscareno says she wants to build sustainable programs: " we want to tie that into the whole year. Because you're going to be well in two months. After this is over, we need the momentum to continue because there's going to be ladies after you, so we want to create the programs and services that will be there for people that do come through their journey". 
 The Rio Grande Cancer Foundation has been in our community 21 years. Just this year, it has helped 400 people with lifestyle classes and support groups. Another 450 people have been helped with other medical assistance like travel and lodging.