Hospitals of Providence breaks ground in Northeast El Paso

Hospitals of Providence comes to NE El Paso

The Hospitals of Providence is breaking ground in Northeast El Paso.

The new campus will be located on the 11300 block of McCombs. 

Thee campus will house between eight and ten inpatient beds for observation and short-stay use. It will also include a similar number of emergency treatment and triage rooms, along with primary care and specialty care physicians, diagnostic and other outpatient clinic services, in a smaller footprint closer to where patients live.

The new campus will also bring 90 healthcare jobs, building on the jobs they created when they opened up a up a free standing emergency room two years ago. Officials tell ABC-7 it's served about 30,000 patients per yer. After seeing that success they knew they needed to open up a new campus.

"It really shows you how many people in this community have need for healthcare services," CEO Sally Hurt-Deitch said.

"The Northeast El Paso has been, I'm going to use the term neglected. I think it's a fair term. I don't think it was deliberately so," Richard Dayoub with the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce said.

The nearly $25-million campus is a testament to the Hospitals of Providence's commitment to El Paso.Over the past 10 years, they've invested close to 1 billion dollars in capital, including the Transmountain campus and the Horizon City campus, all essential to El Paso's overall growth.

"These are the kinds of services and growth and healthcare this community has long-needed, the overall community and bringing that to us and doing it from the private sector so there's no tax-payer burden. I think is an essential ingredient," Dayoub said.

The new campus is modeled after the Horizon City campus which opened in September. It will be up and running in November 2018.

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