Thanksgiving Parade floats will brighten the borderland

Thanksgiving parade preview

EL PASO, Texas - The Thanksgiving day parade is a tradition for hundreds of families, this year’s theme celebrates the parade’s anniversary with “80 Years Around the World”.

“They partnered with Western tech to build these wonderful props depicting these wonderful landmarks around the world,” said Joe Daubach, the Sun Bowl Association's special events director.

From Chichen Itza and the Statue of Liberty to the Kremlin and Big Ben, floats will bring the entire world to the streets of El Paso to brighten Thanksgiving Day.

“Of course you see this lovely float with a  lot of sparkle and glitter, so if we have sunlight it’s going to be a very shiny float, the crowd will definitely love it,” Daubach said.

The Court will sit on a float full of tulips, representing the Netherlands, and it goes beyond geography.
Floats will represent 80 years of history in Lego, ecology, and organ transplants, and even a look into the possible future.

“It features astronauts and aliens playing a  round of golf on the moon,” Daubach said as he described one of the biggest floats.

“Really the goal of the parade is to provide the best possible event for the community of El paso, it lines the streets with 250 thousand plus attendees and creates memories for generations to come,” he explained.

Remember, the parade starts Thursday at 10 am, so get there early as it won't be easy to find parking.

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