ONLY ON ABC-7: Khalid puts on secret performance at Americas High School

Khalid's 'Homecoming Concert'

EL PASO, Texas - El Paso artist Khalid put on a special performance sponsored by Spotify Friday.

Deemed Khalid's "Homecoming Concert," Spotify organized the intimate concert at Americas High School for a select group of fans in celebration of Khalid's album "American Teen."

Fans, including Khalid's former teachers, waited hours to see and hear the rising star.

"I'm just so happy for him and all his success, and just all the way he's representing El Paso and Americas High School, it's amazing."

The grand entrance included free merchandise, drumlines and lots of selfies. After entering the stadium, the group flocked to the stage and anxiously awaited for Khalid to make his appearance.

Once on stage, the rising star began the show with his hit "Let's go" and even thanked El Paso for the support.

"You guys go hard so I'm gonna go hard for you as well," Khalid said.

Some, like the Coronado marching band, even geot the chance to perform with him.

"It was amazing, it was one of the best things I ever did. I'm like a huge fan of Khalid and to be up there playing with him, to be apart of this song, it was just a great experience," one student said.

Khalid played several of his hits including "Location" and ending the show with a song dedicated to the Sun City, American Teen.

"He's so talented, I wanted to cry during American Teen, I just felt it, I felt in my soul," one woman said.

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