El Paso Figure Skating Club provides a challenging, but rewarding experience

El Paso figure skating team

EL PASO, Texas - At first glance the show might look like a Disney On Ice performance, but it's the El Paso Figure Skating Club putting on a Christmas show.

"Originally, they were the Sun City Blades and we've been around for twenty years," said Mia Sanca, the club's marketing director.

Sanca tells ABC-7 some of the members have competed at the state and national levels; some even competing for a spot in the Olympics.

ABC-7 spoke with members of the team the night it was performing 'Elf' at the El Paso County Coliseum complex.

"It's just about the environment, especially here in El Paso, there's not much like it," said figure skater Ally Ye, who plays Buddy the Elf.

Ye says figure skating has been a great challenge and learning experience. "It's just something that keeps you motivated and you don't ever get tired of it because it's not your typical sport," she said.

Members of the club come in all ages and skill levels. "It's about building confidence and taking that first little step," Sanca added.

Caroline Look's daughter took her that intimidating first step in the rink after years of therapy. "Her main disability is a form of cerebral palsy. When she was born she was paralyzed from one side of her body," Look said.

"As soon as she hit the ice, the look on her face, the smile, it was like she didn't have any disabilities with all the other girls," Look added, saying ice skating changed her daughter's life.

"As she got off (the rink) she was flustered. I had tears in my eyes and she looked right at me and said, 'it felt like I was flying,'" Look said. The mother has a message for parents who think their child might have a disadvantage in the rink because of a disability.

"Try it, if they like they have a world of avenue and excitement for them and have them thinking that they can do anything that everybody else can do," Look said.

Click here to learn more about the El Paso Figure Skating Club.

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