Crayola to retire a color; but which one will it be?

NEW YORK (AP) - Friday is National Crayon Day and Crayola says it will mark the occasion by retiring one of its colors.

Crayola says the announcement revealing which color is getting retired will be live-streamed on Facebook on Friday morning.

Crayola hasn't yet revealed which crayon they will be saying goodbye to, but the decision will happen in Times Square on Friday.

Once the color is retired, Crayola will not produce any more crayons in that shade. Only boxes that already contain that specific color will remain.

Crayola has been encouraging fans to share images and comments of the color they can't live without on social media using the hashtag #WhosLeaving.

The current colors in danger of getting axed: red, yellow, blue, brown, orange, green, violet, black, carnation pink, yellow orange, blue green, red violet, red orange, yellow green, blue violet, white, violet red, dandelion, cerulean, apricot, scarlet, green yellow, indigo and gray.

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