Indiana inmates are showcasing their talent on a reality film.

"Inmates with Talent" is currently in post-production. The reality film was shot at an Indiana medium-security prison and is narrated by actor and singer Ice-T.

"This project finds those that want to change and gives them that act," explains Ice-T in the YouTube trailer video.

Director Johnny Collins was allowed inside Putnamville Correctional Facility to get to know and audition nearly 2,000 inmates.

"Think 'The Voice' meets 'Last Comic Standing' in the world of 'Orange Is The New Black,' but with a big societal impact as well," said Collins.

For the last five years, Collins and his co-producer filmed more than 100 hours of footage. The 90-minute film is nearly finished.

"There is a rough cut. The Indiana Department of Correction watched the film, and they love it!" said Collins.

Collins says the film isn't just for entertainment value. Jason Green is one of the inmates who stars in the reality film. Green has spent seven years of his life locked up.

"It (the reality show) did change me for the better," said Green.

Through the talent show, Green discovered his love for poetry.

"It was really a rush being on stage, to be in front of all my peers. It was positive attention. That was new to me," said Green.

Green is now out of prison, has a job and is focused on performing the spoken word.

"I really believe my lost dreams are awakening and my dreams are alive!" said Green.

"Jason is a perfect example of how program inspired him not only to pursue dreams in entertainment business, but to be responsible and be a law-abiding citizen. This is a creative approach to get guys to turn over a new leaf," said Collins.

The project was funded by Collins. Collins is starting a Kickstarter campaign within the next month to help pay for final touches and distribution.