Water experts offer pool safety tips

Pool safety tips

EL PASO, Texas - Lifeguard whistles at pools are usually not a good thing, it means people aren’t being safe around the water.

Pool experts gave us some tips to stay safe, but even when you keep important details in mind like watching children and staying hydrated, it’s easy to get distracted

“Sometimes people get caught up, if it’s a social gathering at a pool, you know, they might lose track of your kids and what’s going on. So it’s important to have someone who’s watching the water,” said Chandra Edwards-Cottingham, Wet-n-Wild General manager.

Even adults need to be careful, age doesn’t mean we’re always safe, being overconfident can also be dangerous.

Diving into shallow water could result in injuries or even permanent damage.

“At any water park or any pool; there are posted water signs, or water depth markers and signage, so we want to make sure you read the markers to see how deep each pool is,” said Emily Polinsky, the park’s head lifeguard.

Even if you think you know what you;re doing, a quick refresher is always good to have a fun and safe summer.

“Swimming lessons do save lives, it's important to always have an adult watching the water, and it's important to have your kids wear life vests if they are not strong swimmers,” Edwards-Cottingham said.

“No, there is no running next to a pool, obviously there’s water around that could create slippery areas so we don’t want to run next to to any pool,” said Polinsky.

Remember in case of any pool emergency get the person out of the water and call 911.

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