Joseph "Chito" Bowling, Socorro City Council seat 4

EL PASO, Texas -
Name: Joseph E (Chito) Bowling
Office You Seek: Councilman PL 4
Age: 81
Occupation: Retired
Family: Anita (Wife), 1 Son, 2 Granddaughters, 1 Grandson, 1 Great– Granddaughter and 1 Great–Grandson
Number-One Campaign Focus:
Work for a better Socorro and give the tax payers equal service. Work in harmony with other council members.
What sets you apart from your opponent(s)?
Honesty and ambition: to be able to work with other agencies without bringing bad publicity to Socorro and its residents.
Relevant experience that qualifies you for the position you seek:
All my life in the work force I have worked with people and have managed to make perfect relations and avoided to give my employees a bad name.
If you had the chance to revoke one ordinance in Socorro immediately upon taking office, which one would it be?
Before I would go in immediately and try to change things, I first study the problem and then place it in the agenda for voting.
Describe a moment that changed your life:
I cannot recall anything that has caused my life to change. I believe in God and try to do the right thing without hurting anyone and always available to lend a helping hand.
In what ways is Socorro on the right track and in what ways does it need to change course?
From what I have gathered after talking to the people, it indicates that they want a change. Mostly to get rid of the bad publicity, corruption and the people that are causing it. We need to control our spending on projects that only benefit a select few and work on our streets, street lights and may other needed services that some do not have—such as sewer and water.
If elected, how will you balance the needs of family, your career and your office?
I would create a schedule that would allow satisfying the needs of all 3 requirements without interference with my obligations.
When and why did you come to Socorro (if applicable)?
I was born in San Elizario and spent most of my time in Socorro. I came to Socorro and built a home on some land that my parents gave me in 1972.
Please indicate whether you have a website, Twitter or Facebook account:
Other Contact information for voters:
I will make myself available to the residents of Socorro, to help and listen to their concerns whether they vote or not. As long as a resident pays Socorro City taxes, I feel they are entitled to receive service without favoritism. We must furnish all resident tax payers with available services. Some residents are still without water and sewer service. We must worry about water and also worry about going into bankruptcy. We must take an intelligent look at the way our tax money is being spent.

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