Donald Trump and working through social media

Social media working against Trump

EL PASO, Texas - As Donald Trump is sworn in, many Democrats express extreme concern over his presidency. While some Republicans say media bias is at an all-time high. Some of his own supporters worry social media is undermining him.

"For every pro trump meme that you get, there's about 100 negative ones," UTEP College Republican Isaac Yepez said.

Yepez is referring to the countless posts on social media blasting the President-elect. Videos like the one posted by magazine GQ featuring their special correspondent, Keith Olbermann, where he states: "You're smart enough to recognize something I saw when I first met this man 33 years ago. And that is this: there is something really, really wrong with him."

"I don't think there's going to be a chance given to him but I think we really should unite under him," Yepez said.

"To a certain extent it is a little hubris and it is a little shoot from the hip that's created the firestorm around him," UTEP Communications Professor Dr. Richard Pineda said.

Dr. Pineda says one altered dynamic is that Trump directly challenges media outlets like we've never seen before.

"I think once that happens, the gloves, if you will, are off. I think it makes it much easier for media sources to go after president certain print newspaper, the Washington Post has essentially put together a rapid reaction team to essentially go after claims the president-elect makes. I mean that's unique. Essentially what's happened now is the President-elect has drawn a line and I think this is two freight trains headed right at each other," Dr. Pineda said.

Pineda says trump's willingness to bypass traditional media is unique and the things you see on his twitter feed may not change a lot once he's in office.

"The hope from politicians and the media is the nature of those tweets calm down and they're not as inflammatory as they have been but only time will tell," Dr. Pineda said.

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