UTEP president signs agreement with Chihuahua secretary of Education

UTEP President signs agreement with...

Monday, UTEP President Diana Natalicio signed an agreement meant to strengthen its partnership with Mexico. Natalicio was joined by the secretary of education for Chihuahua, Pablo Cuaron.

The agreement will provide more scholarships for students from the Mexican state. It's the second agreement of its kind. UTEP said the first collaboration was signed in 2002. In the 15 years since then, UTEP said about 360 students have received scholarships and other financial support from Chihuahua.

"They are the kinds of students that I think we can all take great pride in. They're hardworking, and are very smart." Natalicio said. "They're very deserving of the support that these scholarships will provide."

In a statement, UTEP said that Mexican students are an important part of the campus's student population. UTEP said for several decades, the university has enrolled more Mexican students than most other U.S. universities.

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