Sunland Park Elementary student caught with kitchen knife in his backpack

SUNLAND PARK, N.M. - A second grader at Sunland Park Elementary has been suspended for attempting to take a kitchen knife to school, said a spokesperson for the Gadsden Independent School District.

Before the start of the school day Friday, officials said the boy was seen at the bus pick-up point, putting an object in his backpack, which led to the school receiving an alert.

The call alerted school officials, who interviewed the student as he arrived at school. Officials said when they inspected his backpack, a kitchen knife was found.

Administration determined that the student had no ill intent in bring the knife to school and that no student was at risk as a result of this incident. 

The student will be suspended for two weeks and will be supervised for the remainder of the school year when he returns to school.

School officials said parents were notified by school messenger by 9:40 a.m., and no lockdown was required due to the incident occurring before the school day had started.


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