'Senior prank' video shows dirtbike zooming down hallway of Eastlake High

Dirtbike zooms down high school hallway

EL PASO, Texas - "So, we all got on Snapchat and we were like, 'whoa, it's happening and everything!'", Abigail Talavera told ABC-7. 

The Eastlake High School freshman was referring to what several students are calling a senior prank that reportedly happened Friday at the campus.

A video sent to ABC-7 by a viewer shows a person driving a motorcycle down a school hallway, as students hold up cell phones as it zooms by. 

Talavera said she was in class when the alleged prank happened. 

"It was a little weird because they stopped lunch early," she said. "We were like, why are they swapping A-lunch early? So, we found out through social media that there was a food fight and a motorcycle went through the cafeteria."

Fernando Martinez, another student at Eastlake High, said he was eating when the alleged prank happened.

"He went by really fast," he said about the driver. Although he admits the prank was cool at the time, he said he was startled.

Talavera also admitted the prank was exciting and funny at the time, but it could have easily turned serious.

"They were going way too fast. It was really loud and they were going too fast and they could've hurt someone like I said."

She added, "It all seemed like fun and games until later on our teacher explained, someone could have gotten hurt, someone could have gotten run over. And so we realized it was a dumb decision for them to do."

Socorro Independent District Officials would not confirm the incident, stating it is not allowed to disclose information. But it did address the discipline procedure at the district.

Carmen Crosse, SISD Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education, told ABC-7 there are consequences to the prank, including preventing the student from walking during graduation.

"We met with (seniors) specifically at the beginning of this semester, because we had a change in our student code of conduct," Crosse said. "If any student committed any indiscretion that constituted in assignment to...our alternative placement, students would not be able to participate in graduation."

When asked about legal consequences, Crosse said the district is not involved in that, but it does have police services that sometimes get involved if an incident requires police action.

"The student can receive both consequences, both a legal consequence and an administrative school consequence. There are two separate actions, of course," Crosse said.

During the investigation, if it is found a law was broken, police will be notified.

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