National White Cane Day at Morehead Middle School

Raising awareness for the Visually Impaired

El Paso, TX -  


The white cane that blind and visually impaired people use to get around is more than just a tool, it is an important symbol of blindness and independence. Today at Morehead Middle School in West El Paso, faculty and staff held a white cane salute to raise awareness to motorists about visually impaired pedestrians.

Alyson Martinez, a mother of a visually impaired son, offered this advice to motorists:

“So sometimes I mean, we all do it, we’re in a hurry, we see that there’s nobody. That there’s a red light, it’s okay nobody’ s around, we can keep going. But sometimes there are individuals that are visually impaired, that are standing at that corner. So even though it may seem that we’re all in the clear. Make sure that you take that pause.”

This was the first event of it’s kind at Morehead Middle School. The ultimate goal of the salute is to bring the visually impaired together to advocate for increased courtesy from the visual community.

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