Gadsden ISD: More state education cuts would lead to "drastic" measures

Gadsden ISD: More state education...

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico - The Gadsden Independent School District is anticipating more cuts from the state.

In a letter recently sent to district employees, Superintendent Efren Yturrlde said the district, which serves 13,000 students, is working hard to find ways to trim its budget while minimizing the impact on students.

It's been difficult, Yturralde said, adding "Many of you have already seen some of the effects (of budget cuts), such as increases in class sizes and reductions in school supplies."

The district has returned $4.2 million to the state this year alone, funds which have come from the district's general fund, the district's cash balance, transportation and materials, Yturralde said.

The superintendent told ABC-7 it is possible more cuts could be coming, which could require more "drastic" budgeting practices.

He said the actions could include administrative  furloughs. Adding, the district is doing everything they can to avoid reducing personnel.

"Additional cuts may require more drastic budgeting practices that may be detrimental to student educational opportunities. These actions may include administrative furloughs. In addition, the decrease we are experiencing in student enrollment may require a corresponding decrease in personnel," Yturralde further states.

The superintendent calls for employees to reach out to their state legislators "and make them understand how these cuts have already impacted you as an educator,  our students and all other employees."

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