Black coffee

Razief Adlie/

Granita di caffe

This delightful dessert will cool off the hottest meal.

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Spicy chicken and rice

Wake up your taste buds with this one. Make it mild or wild!

Boiling pot, soup


Wild mushroom soup

Mix and match your favorite fungi to make this soup.

Squash blurb

Roasted butternut squash and pear bisque

This soup is a bowl full of fall flavor!

Black coffee

Razief Adlie/

Java-sauced poached pears

This decadent, coffee-infused sauce will beguile your taste buds.

Pasta noodles


Chicken stir-fry salad with zesty orange dressing

Wheat noodles and zesty dressing make a great foundation for this flavorful salad.

Salad, lettuce

Lemon vinaigrette

Use this tangy dressing on your summer salads.