Woman allegedly kidnaps victim who "brought shame to Muslim community"

EL PASO, Texas - A Mexican Muslim woman is accused of kidnapping an El Paso woman because the victim "brought shame to the Muslim community and should return to Libya," court documents obtained by ABC-7 state.

Norma Juarez Taha is charged with kidnapping.

At about 3:00 am on February 13, 2017, Taha allegedly kidnapped the victim from her bedroom. Court documents state the victim woke up to find Taha restraining her in bed, trying to cover up her mouth with tape.  The victim screamed, but no one inside the home came to her rescue.

Taha was a friend of the family who the victim knew as "Sister Norma," court documents state.


The Muslim woman allegedly told the victim the victim and her family were in danger. The victim was told to follow Taha to safety, where she would be reunited with her family.

Taha allegedly told the victim her family was about to be deported and the victim's younger brother would not be able to get access to the medical assistance he required.

The victim was instructed to get into the rear cargo area of Taha's Toyota van.  Taha drover the victim to East El Paso along Montana Avenue.

The pair eventually drove through a rocky road to a residence that appeared to be a mobile home. The victim, although blindfolded, was able to notice Taha had a pistol positioned on her lower back. The victim feared for her life, documents state.

As they walked to the mobile home, Taha told the victim the pistol was for protection. While at the mobile home, the victim observed Taha speaking with an Hispanic female. Taha told the victim the woman was an FBI agent who wanted to help the victim's family.

The women allegedly escorted the victim to a pickup. At this point, Taha allegedly used a syringe to inject a substance into the victim's leg.  The victim said she felt sleepy, nauseous, and later vomited inside the pickup.

The Hispanic woman was allegedly driving the pickup while Taha followed in the van. The women allegedly took the girl into Juarez, where she was dropped off at a residence with people who knew Taha and the Hispanic woman.

The victim was often left alone inside the residence, but was unable to escape because she felt weak as a result of the substance injected into her leg.

She eventually befriended several people at the residence and they let her use the telephone. The victim tried to contact her boyfriend, but was unable to reach him.

On February 14, 2017, two individuals at the residence transported the victim to the Stanton Port of Entry, where the victim met with Customs officers.

The victim received medical treatment and the FBI began its investigation.

FBI agents eventually arrested Taha, who allegedly said she was doing the victim a favor by taking her to Mexico. Taha later admitted she had gone to the victim's residence and fabricated a story about the victim's family being in danger in order to trick the victim into leaving with her.

Taha allegedly admitted to injecting the victim with a mixture of muscle relaxing pills and water. She allegedly did this to keep the victim calm.

Later during the interview, Taha told agents the victim's lifestyle "brought embarrassment to her family and should be taken to Mexico or Libya."

Court documents do not identify the Hispanic woman who allegedly helped Taha take the victim to Juarez.

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