Video capturing fight at Sunland Park Mall goes viral

Fight breaks out at Sunland Park Mall

EL PASO, TX - A fight between two groups of girls broke out at Sunland Park Mall Tuesday. 

In a video posted on Facebook by ABC-7 Viewer Destiny Reianne, five girls are seen punching and pulling each other's hair while security guards try to break up the fight.

Within the first couple of seconds, two girls are seen punching and pulling another girl's hair as two security guards are working to break up the fight. Another girl is seen trying to pull security guards away and is then seen walking a short distance away and pulling the hair of another girl. After about 30 seconds, three security guards are able to isolate the five young girls involved.

"I was surprised, I know there's a lot of fights going on everywhere else in the rest on the world, but I didn't think it would happen here in El Paso," Destiny Valdez, who witnessed the fight, said.

Just this week, fights broke out at least a dozen malls across the country in states like Illinois, Arizona and North Carolina. The fights happened Monday at the same time or within hours of each other, prompting police to believe it may have had something to do with social media. Valdez however, doesn't believe this fight was part of the "trend."

"No, this one has a story behind it I could tell, because it wasn't as big as the other ones," Valdez said.

It's unclear what exactly happened and how old the girls in the video are but Valdez says the girls looked like middle and high school aged students. She adds no one was seriously injured.
Mary Castillo, General Manager of Sunland Park Mall, sent ABC-7 the following statement: "Our top priority is the safety of our shoppers, retailers and employees. As part of our security program, which is directed by an experienced leadership team, we work closely with the El Paso Police Department. We applaud our security team for their quick response in handling this isolated incident. "
Officials with Sunland Park Mall would not comment any further on possible charges and if the girls will be allowed inside the mall again.
"I just hope they're okay and nothing bad happened," Valdez said.

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