Transgender woman arrested at county courthouse pleads not guilty to forgery charges

The transgender woman taken into federal custody while filing a protective order at the El Paso County Courthouse appeared before a judge for arraignment hearing Tuesday.

Irving Gonzalez - also known as Ervin Gonzalez - pleaded not guilty to financial forgery charges.

Gonzalez, who is undocumented, was arrested in February while getting a protective order against her boyfriend, Mario De Avila. Gonzalez has previously been deported six times, court documents state.

Gonzalez and De Avila are accused of stealing mail from USPS drop boxes. The suspects allegedly opened certain envelopes to steal money orders mailed by elderly residents paying their rent.

The two suspects would allegedly alter the money orders, then cash and deposit the money in De Avila's bank account.

De Avila has also been charged in connection with the scheme.

In April, Gonzalez was sentenced to time served on a charge of Illegal Re-entry. At the time, her attorney told ABC-7 it was unclear wether Gonzalez would be deported.

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