Three Albuquerque men accused of burglarizing vehicles at West El Paso gyms

Thieves target vehicles at El Paso gyms

EL PASO, Texas - EPPD officers arrested three Albuquerque men allegedly involved in a crime spree that began with the burglary of multiple vehicles at two west El Paso gyms.

They are identified as 33-year-old Al Marion Bennen, 36-year-old Master Jefferson and 29-year-old Corderro Jefferson.

Police say on Tuesday the men broke into ten cars at the E-P Fitness at 981 N. Resler and the UFC gym at 6633 N. Mesa.

Bryan Ruiz is the manager at the UFC gym.

"They broke my window, all my stuff was scattered around. They didn't find anything valuable," Ruiz said.

Ruiz normally parks his truck right out front of the gym. But that didn't stop thieves from breaking into his vehicle and others.

"We had about six members who had their windows broken. And they stole two laptops, two purses. A lot of good value for them, gym bags as well," Ruiz said.

Ruiz said a gym member who had her purse stolen immediately called her credit card company and found out someone had just tried to charge $600 to her card at a Walmart near Mesa and I-10.

An officer responded to the Walmart.

The officer saw a man running out of an exit at a store. The officer recognized the suspect,  29-year-old Cordero Jefferson, from previous cases. Jefferson entered a black Taurus and sped away, police said.

Officers followed the Taurus and requested a traffic stop as the vehicle entered I-10 West from Mesa.

Responding patrol units found the Taurus at N. Desert and Redd, where it had collided with another vehicle.

As the officers approached, three suspects ran away on foot in separate directions. Officers eventually arrested the suspects at a nearby strip mall.

The three suspects were booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility for one count of Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity, Burglary of a Vehicle, and Evading Arrest or Detention.

Police said Bennem is wanted in Mississippi for attempted murder.

Jefferson was also charged with Possession of Marijuana and his bonds totaled $23,000, police said.

Jefferson and 34-year-old Al Mario Bennem were jailed on bonds totaling $10,000.

The property allegedly stolen from the vehicles included wallets, purses, driver licenses, cash and credit cards.

Police say gym parking lots continue to be frequent targets because patrons leave their valuables in their vehicles while they work out inside the gym.

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