Woman stabbed, killed in West El Paso apartment

Woman stabbed, killed in West El Paso apartment

EL PASO, Texas - El Paso Police confirm a woman was found dead in a West El Paso apartment complex Monday just after 5pm. 

A police spokesman tells ABC-7 a person went to the Mountain Village apartments late Monday afternoon to check on a woman. Officers said that is when the person discovered the woman stabbed to death. Investigators arrived at the scene on the 5800 block of Bandolero around 5 p.m.

ABC-7's Stephanie Guadian asked the spokesman for other details but the spokesman remained tight lipped.

We're working to find out if EPPD has any suspects in the case and we're not being told of any arrests related to the woman's death.

Stephanie spoke with a neighbor who says she was alarmed when returning home Monday evening.

"Yeah I called my mom first because I know she would see it on the news and she would be so worried," said Aline Rodiles. "If I don't answer my phone she would be here, so I just called her to say everything was fine."


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